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Water Filling Machine & Liquid Filling Machine:

Water filling machine is full-automatic multiple-functionwashing, filling, capping unit. It is used in washing, filling, capping allkinds of non-gas drink, such as vinegar,wine, mineral water, pure water.

It adopts bottle neck holding transmission technology torealize fully automatic rinsing, filling, capping, which makes changing different sizebottles very easy. Most of elements of the electric system employfamous brand products. The machine parts contact with the liquid are made ofhigh quality stainless steel. They obtain the advantages of good abrasiveresistance, high stability, low failure rate, etc. The quality of the equipment can reach the international advanced level and gained good reputation among ourclients.

It contains washing, filling and capping with full automation. It is suitable for filling water, such as mineral water, pure water into plastic bottles. The bottle neck blocking makes the process of changing bottles easily by only adjusting the bottle outlet start wheel. The filling process adopts micro-vacuum technology, which makes filling process faster and more reliable.
1. This series of machines are mainly used for Non-aerated drinks such as mineral water, pure water, non-gas wine drink and so on, with optional capacity from 2,000 to 30,000BPH. The machine design shortened the time for the drink contacting with outside, increased the sanitation condition and production capacity and economy benefit.
Water filling machine is used in the production of mineral water, pure water and other non-carbonated drinks.One machine can carry out washing, filling and capping process.The...
1. Suspending bottle-neck clamping design makesbottlestable during the high-speed moving conditions. By changing a few parts,it can meet the need of production of different ...
Bottle Water Filling Packing Machine Description: Bottle water filling machine is used to fill pure water, mineral water and other non-carbonated beverages.All the machine part which contact with liquid is high quality stainless steel 304. The relative fittings are from international famous brand.The water filling machine was equipped with air conveyor and frequency control of motor speed.
Water Filling Line Description: This filling machine is integrated with washing, filling and capping in one machine. It takes bottle handling technology, which makes changing different size bottle more easily. And little spares are need when changing bottles. We suggest users to take same specification bottles, especially the same bottle neck.