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Complete Oil Filling Production Line

Complete Oil Filling Production Line

The oil filling production line produced by Evertop Machinery is suitable for a variety of bottle types, PET bottles and glass bottles. Oil filling machine equipment series include: edible oil filling machine, olive oil filling equipment, peanut oil filling line, vegetable oil filling production line, corn oil filler machine etc.

PET Bottle Blow Molding Machineevertop machinery

The full automatic blowing machine is suitable for blowing various plastic containers and beverage bottles made of PET. Full automatic blowing machine is used in blowing various juice beverage bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water, pure water bottles, condiment bottles, oil bottles etc.

PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Oil Filling Machineevertop machinery

This oil filling machine is divided into rotary and linear filling equipment. Continuously adjustable, accurate measurement, complete functions and strong adaptability. Design different positioning devices according to the actual conditions of the bottle.

Oil Filling Machine

Labeling Machine & Sleeve Labeling Machineevertop machinery

The automatic labeling machine developed and manufactured by Evertop Machinery are divided into self-adhesive labeling machine, hot melt glue labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine. The labeling equipment is suitable for various bottle type juice filling, tea beverage filling, dairy filling, pure water filling, condiment filling, beer filling, sports beverage filling and other food and beverage industries.

Labeling Machine & Sleeve Labeling Machine

Bottle Code Printerevertop machinery

  • 1. CO2 Laser Printer

    CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser. It produces a wavelength of 10.6μm, which belongs to the middle infrared band. The CO2 laser has a relatively large power and a relatively high efficiency of electro-optic conversion.
  • 2. Code Printer

    Code printer can print 1-4 lines, and the character size could be adjusted. Printing speed 100m/min., bar code printing 30m/min.Bottle Code Printer
Bottle Code Printer

Packing Sysyemevertop machinery

The automatic packaging machine is developed especially for mineral water, beverage, wine, beer, product and so on infusion medicine bottle combination packaging, with stable function, and the packed articles tight and orderly.

  • 1. Shrink Film Packing Machine
  • 2. Lineal Type PE Film Shrink Wrapper
  • 3. High-speed Wrapping Machine
  • 4. Carton Opening Packing Sealing System
Packing Sysyem

Provide you with a complete set of
filling solutions

  • Water Filling Production Line

    Include 350-1500ml water production line, 3-10L water filling equipment, 3-5 gallon water fiiling line.

    • 350ml-2L water capacity: 3000-24000B/H
    • 3-10L water capacity: 600-4000B/H
    • 5 gallon water capacity: 100-1200B/H
  • Carbonated Beverage Production Line

    Used in filling carbonated beverage, soft drinks, soda, sparkling water, CSD drinks etc...

    • PET bottle beverage capacity: 2000-18000B/H
    • Glass bottle beverage capacity: 2000-18000B/H
    • Can beverage capacity: 1000-9000B/H
  • Juice Filling Production Line

    Used in filling fruit juice, milk, sports drinks, etc in PET bottle or glass bottle or cans...

    • PET bottle beverage capacity: 2000-18000B/H
    • Glass bottle beverage capacity: 2000-18000B/H
    • Can beverage capacity: 1000-9000B/H
  • Beer Filling Production Line

    Including PET bottle beer filling machine, glass bottle beer filling production line, beer canning line.

    • PET bottle beverage capacity: 2000-18000B/H
    • Glass bottle beer capacity: 2000-30000B/H
    • Can beer capacity: 1000-9000B/H
  • Can Filling Production Line

    Including can beer filling machine, can carbonated drinks filling machine, juice canning line.

    • Beer/drinks production capacity: 1000-9000B/H
    • Juice production capacity: 3000-12000B/H
    • For tinplate, aluminum alloy, PET plastic cans
  • Wine Filling Production Line

    Used in filling liquor, spirits wine, grape wine, sparkling wine, champagne, whiskey etc.

    • Production capacity: 3000-18000B/H
    • Wide range of applications
    • Optional capping machine
  • Oil Filling Production Line

    Oil Filling Production Line

    Used in filling edible oil, olive oi, peanut oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, salad oil, sunflower oil, camellia oil, sesame oil etc.

    • Rotary type production capacity: 2800-18000B/H
    • Linear type production capacity: 720-4000B/H
    • Optional capping machine
  • Daily Chemical Product Production Line

    Daily Chemical Product Production Line

    Suitable for laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, shampoo, glue, disinfectant, dish washing detergent, thimerosal etc.

    • Divided into linear filling or rotary filling type
    • Meet the requirements of different filling volumes
    • Optional capping machine