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  • 2024-06-10
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Beverage Can Filling Production Line

The beverage can filling production line is a highly integrated system that combines scientific and technological achievements in multiple fields such as mechanics, electrical, computer control and information technology to achieve continuous, coordinated and automated operation from raw material processing to finished product output.

The beverage can filling production line is an automated production line that includes multiple functional units, including automatic cleaning, filling, capping, labeling, palletizing, etc. Each unit has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and high stability to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

Beverage Can Filling Line

Beverage can filling equipment: The beverage can filling machine is the core part of the production line, which is responsible for accurately filling the beverage into the container. These devices usually use high-precision electronic scales, flow meters or piston filling machines, which can strictly control the filling volume of each container on the high-speed production line according to the preset volume or weight standards to ensure product consistency and standardization.
High-speed transmission equipment: In the production line, various beverage containers need to be efficiently and accurately transferred from one process to the next. High-speed transmission equipment, such as conveyor belts, elevators, etc., are the key to achieving this goal.

The Process of Beverage Can Filling Line is as follows:

Raw material processing: pre-processing beverage raw materials, such as cleaning, mixing, and blending.
Filling: accurately fill the processed beverage into the container through the filling equipment.
Capping: After filling, the container is capped to prevent liquid spillage and contamination.
Labeling and palletizing: labeling and palletizing the capped beverage for subsequent distribution and sales.

The beverage can filling machine is a vital equipment on the beverage production line, which is specially used to accurately and quickly fill beverages into various beverage cans.

Bottle Conveying System:

The empty beverage cans are accurately conveyed to the working area of ​​the filling machine through a conveyor belt or roller conveying system.

Filling System:

When the empty beverage cans arrive at the working area, the beverage filling system starts working.
The beverage flows from the storage tank into the empty beverage can through the valve.
The appropriate liquid level is maintained by the liquid level control device to ensure that the amount of beverage in each beverage can is consistent.
The flow controller controls the speed and flow of the beverage to ensure the accuracy and consistency of filling.

Beverage Can Filling Machine

Sealing System:

Once the beverage is filled into the empty beverage can, the sealing system starts working, usually using a threaded cap or a capping mechanism to complete the sealing operation.
The sealer tightly closes the container to ensure that the beverage will not be contaminated and evaporated.

Can Filling Machine Video

Beverage Can Filling Machine Parameter

Model GDF12-1 GDF18-6 GDF24-6
Production capacity(b/h) 1000-2000 3000-6000 4000-9000
Power(kw) 0.75 3.7 3.7
Overall dimensions (mm) 1750×1140×1950 2320×1400×1900 2580×1675×1900
Weight (kg) 1800 2500 3000

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